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Horizontal biz cards like this
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Above is an example of the longest size
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Below is an ad we designed for
Ms. Lynn Coronado
  • Your home based business

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  • Your ebay listings

  • Promote your favorite cause

  • Celebrate a friend!

  • Drive traffic to anything else  
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  • FIVE side bar ads for $150

  • Ads run for 3 months

  • Ads link directly to your site!

  • Promote & Drive traffic

  • You design or we design

  • If we design an ad for you, a one time $25 set up fee applies    
    (per design)

  • Choose any size you wish!

  • Size ranges:   (Please see side bars for size examples)

Must fit in the sidebar

length size is 600 (example on right)

We can create fun combinations of words and pictures
to draw attention to your ad & drive traffic to your site!

Terms & Conditions
  • We reserve the right to refuse any ads that:

  • Promote hate, violence or ugliness of any kind

  • Reflect ideas or promote actions that we deem repulsive

  • Offer porn or explicit materials

  • Anything else that we find yucky.

  • Your ads remain up for 3 consecutive months

  • You can choose specific pages you would like for your ads to run on

  • Ad space is available on a first come, first serve basis

  • You approve where you ads will be shown before being charged

  • You can not switch or exchange ads during your 3 month ad campaign

  • You can order a new ad campaign to promote new things

  • You are not billed until you have selected the pages your ad will run on      
    (first day is free!)

  • Payment is due in full at the beginning of your ad campaign via PayPal

  • No refunds are offered - because you give full review and approval before
    your ad campaign begins

  • We can design your ad for you!  A one time additional charge of $25 per ad
    design applies, and you can use that design for as many times as you wish!

  • Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can I design my own ads?  YES!  They just need to fit our size guidelines.

  • What are the size guidelines?  All ads must fit neatly into our sidebars.     
    Please see the sidebars on this page for specific size examples.

  • Can I run an ad celebrating my friend?  YES!

  • Will you run ads for other women's websites?  Yes!  We love supporting other
    women!  Feel free to place your ad with us, and we wish you well.

  • Can I change my ads every month/week/day?  Nope.

  • Can my ad promote and link to my favorite cause?  Yes!

  • I am an author, will you run an advertisement for my book?  Yes!

  • I write articles on another website, can I run ads to promote them?  Yes!

  • Do you run pre-made html ads?  Sometimes, run it by us.
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  • Your cost for a 90 day ad campaign is:

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  • Drive traffic to anything you wish to promote!
Visit the blog spot for
Holly Whitman
The Way I See It
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Ellen's Elegant Eggs
are Extraordinary
Lynn's Little Luxuries
Lynn's Little Luxuries

Fine handmade:
Nourishing Soaps
Massage Oils
Aromatherapy Delights

All Natural & Divine

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- You are welcome to keep your site
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We reserve the right to:

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at no additional charge to you if
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( your website is a subdomain of - Example of your link:
Our ads make great gifts to honor
a friend,loved one or special event!
Happy 40th Birthday
Congratulations Patti Patton
on another successful Soldier's Angels Gala!
Thank you for all
your hard work in helping
Soldiers and their families!
~ Your friends will never forget
a gift like this! ~
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