Featured Artist:   Michelle Samerjan
(Meaning, “to dissolve”
in Chinese and pronounced,
“bing she-ow wah gee”)
The ink melts like ice,
flowing into love letters,
passion blooms for two.
Each original produced by Michelle is a blend of many
artisans. All of them have passed away, but one.
The only one born in the 20th. Century;
Michelle Samerjan.
Years ago, Michelle began collecting antique Asian
coins, charms, fabrics, talismans, porcelain blue and
whites, Mixing teapots, statuary, even prayer books in to
her work.  Most antiquities in her collection span from
the 10th.  To 19th. Century. Some are the subjects of her
painting, others have been painstakingly applied as a
border, accent or overlay to her original paintings. But
each is a work of art within a work of art. Dealers from
around the world work with Michelle in procuring these
treasured artifacts.  With a mother as an Artist, Michelle
had the benefit at an early age of art classes, which
gave her the foundation to begin experimenting with
color and texture. Her evolution as an Artist has come
from hands-on experience and an insatiable desire to
produce paintings that span both centuries and cultures.
Today, collectors from around the world appreciate her
unique blend of 21st. Century vision with antique and
ancient overtones from the Far East. Great art never
dies as long as there is an audience to appreciate it.
And in some ways, artisans long forgotten never die,
as long as their art can be seen. So enjoy.
Mirrors of texture past  
like bubbles in a peaceful stream
each connected to the ribbon of continuity
  but as a winter snowflake
     each different, yet the same
affordable access to textural visions
Michelle Samerjan editions...nothing is closer

It resonates in every piece of Michelle Samerjan's
art work. From the aging and varnishing of her
dramatic still life's to the fabrics and antiquities that
surround them to the weaving of color, light and
shadow, each work forms an intricate landscape. A
landscape bordered by history, vision and
experience. Having studied art from a young age,
Michelle has drawn from cultures worldwide.
Bringing many elements together in an Asiatic
tableau that is at once ancient in theme and
modern in concept. Many of her series such as
"Aquatic Landscapes" featuring koi fish or "Equine
Landscapes" featuring Tang influenced horses,
have brought Michelle's work into the home and
corporate offices of collectors worldwide. In Michelle
Samerjan's"Textural Landscapes'.' Art assumes a
new dimension.
Visit Michelle's site at:  www.Samerjan.com

Her work is available at many galleries, but the best way to get your hands
on the most current and competitively sought work is to go directly to her
studio home page.   

You can also call Samerjan Fine Arts Studio  directly  866.479.2787

The rooster is the main embodiment of the
element, “yang,” that represents the warmth and
life of the universe. He is known for his five
virtues. He has a crown on his head, a mark of his
literary spirit; and spurs on his feet, a token of his
warlike disposition; he is courageous, for he
fights his enemies; and benevolent always
clucking for the hens when he scratched for grain;
and faithful for he never loses the hour. But the
most virtuous attribute of the beautiful white-
colored rooster is its purity of heart. Here, among
the pure teachings or dharma of Buddha.
What international collectors like to
snatch up Samerjan art?

The Sultan of Brunai
(He has 3 full time art consultants
who travel the world collecting fine art
for his palaces)

Dr. Phil

Johnny damon fromt he Red Sox

Layla Rachon from waiting to exhale

Billy Blanks
Pa Kua
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