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Art Is Beautiful
Introducing the Vivid Colors of Madam Sharon Pruitt
" We are all
part of something
greater than the individual. "
I hope people all around the world will see
that even very small gestures, as simple as
sending one postcard, can be a part of
something much greater and enjoyed by
people everywhere.

In a way, it is an effort to unite people
together for a common cause.
Please send your
postcards & letters to:

D. Sharon Pruitt

95 Ent Road

Hanscom AFB


01731 USA
Visit the artists website and online gallery
where this work will be shown!
About the Artist

I'm D. Sharon Pruitt, Age: 38

I currently live on Hanscom Air Force
Base near Boston, Massachusetts,
USA. We will probably be moving again
this year. We've moved 19 times in 20

I work from home. I am a self employed
webmistress, freelance photographer
and artist. I am a stay at home mother
to six children, one son age 19 and five
daughters ages 14, 11, 9, 7 and 6. I'm
also a military wife of 20 years to my
husband, Ryan.

Art has been a part of my life as long as
I remember. It is part of who I am.
A lovely thought:

All differences in this world
are of degree, and not of kind,
because oneness
is the secret of everything.
You can help create a work of art
that will be exhibited for the world
to see

ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world
can become a part of my art exhibit
just by mailing me a postcard or letter
from a post office. It's that simple.
Everything is a gift of the universe
— even joy, anger, jealously,
frustration, or separateness.
Everything is perfect either for our
growth or our enjoyment.

Ken Keyes Jr.    
Whatever things are true,

whatever things are honorable,

whatever things are just,

whatever things are pure,

whatever things are lovely,

whatever things are of good report;

if there is any virtue,

and if there is any praise,

think about these things.


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