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These are the words of Simos Mother:

    This painting is about a master alarm that will protect us from anyone
    who will try to harm the U.S. Anyone entering here will have to have a code
    and has to go into an elevator that will check from head to toes and look for
    everything, in case they find something a red alarm on the top will go off.

    When the elevator is out of service they will go through the stairs and
    they  will do the same job as the elevator.

    What I write here is what Arthur explains me about this painting.

    He will sign all his work and he will paint different things every time because his
    paintings are part of his feelings and thoughts on a daily basis.
"Every artist
dips his brush
in his own soul,
and paints
his own nature
into his pictures."

What's In It For You?

Snoop around to see.....
We Love
Verbal Graffiti
so vent away
you little vixen.

You can touch
base with us at
all you need (at)
Since he started painting anything he could grab on.

I bought lots of crayons, markers, water color and pencils.
He painted every where from a doctor's office to a birthday party
and even in the school.

Well thanks to painting he has found a way of letting out his
confusions and art has giving Arthur a way of expressing his
feelings the way he perceive the world around him.

Well a year passed by since his therapist Maria Esther advice me to send
Arthur to an Art school.
My son was diagnosed Autistic and
he will be 14 on this July 22.

As a small child he was very hyper active
and had to take lots of medications.

The change from elementary to middle
school was his worse time.
I decided to let him use his own Outsider style,
with no rule and no direction, always going on a
raw and wild ride.

The great new is that after this year Arthur has received two
additional therapies per month with this money earned on
ebay  and also the doctor has decrease medication. Also
Arthur still i hoping to create a famous painting.

He is a blessing in my life.

Simo Paintings are available on

His Mother is also working on a myspace for him:

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