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Almost everything can become a work of art and something
beautiful, interesting and stimulating.  

Your desk, your home clean and shining, a nicely arranged
bowl of flowers.  Even a pizza.  

Once our editor was fired from a pizza chain, (one of her first jobs),
for churning out pizzas with designs and patterns of her own

The manager explained that while the pizzas were quite lovely,
people wanted the toppings evenly spread so they would get some in
each bite, and that perhaps she should take her talents elsewhere.  
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Our wish for you -
That you would find that beauty within yourself
and make your life a work of art.
Even aluminum cans!
Love what you do,
even if its a job you don't like.  
You will find yourself sublimely entertained
and enjoying your life immensely more.  
Just embrace the divine within yourself and let it shine
through everything you do.  
The point is, that you too, can take the simplest, humblest things in your life
and turn them in to something beautiful.
Sometimes it leads us to a greater compassion
by allowing us to see things through another's perspective.  
Viewing work that is born of others hands removes us
from our daily thoughts and habits
and guides us to open our minds and our hearts
to view the world in a brand new way.  
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An intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way; an artist is a man
who says a difficult thing in a simple way.
- Charles Bukowski