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What In The World Is Happening
In Cleveland ?

Is this what has become of America's heartland?
Artist Spencer Tunick somehow talked 2757 decent,
mid-western Cleveland men into coming out and
participating in this outrageous display.

We have Photographer Herb Ascherman to thank for making
these photos available to us via the filthy internet.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland had to locate three
or four corporate or foundation sponsors to make this possible.

Is this art?

I don't know, but it certainly has helped my diet.  
I practically lost my lunch after witnessing this field of
ass and balls.  

Why can't people just stick to painting flowers and fruit?
Short - tall - fat - thin - young - old -
hairy - brown - yellow - white -
black and every color in between...

They all come and strip down
to be photographed by
Spencer Tunick.
Across this fine nation and
all over the world this man is
setting records for mass nudity.
Dusseldorf, Germany
Shocking, just shocking!

Tsk. Tsk.
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